Unique Costumes, Masks, and Halloween Accessories


Krampus Halloween Mask

Krampus, a horrific Christmas Devil - the anti Santa


Super Chicken Halloween Mask

Super Chicken Mask New for 2016!


Void Sorcerer Shadows of Brimstone Halloween Mask

One of the great Horrors of the Dark Stone Mines of Brimstone


Jakobe Mice and Mystics Halloween Mask

A cheese-loving gecko!


The Walking Dead Charred Walker Halloween Mask

Straight from season four of The Walking Dead


White Walker Halloween Mask Game of Thrones

An otherworldly, humanoid creature.


Mad Monster Party Baron Von Frankenstein Halloween Mask

The Official Mad Monster Party Baron Von Frankenstein Mask


The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Machete

The Rick Grimes Machete is 30 inches from hilt to point


Merle Walker Halloween Mask

A dead on accurate mask of the Merle Dixon as a Walker


Krampus Devil Halloween Mask

Evil Demon Devil Halloween Mask with magnificent horns


The BFG Costume

The BFG Costume, available in Adult and Child sizes


The Walking Dead Teeth Walker Face Halloween Mask

OFF Looks like it came right off the screen of The Walking Dead


Hellboy Halloween Mask

Based on Mike Mignola's amazing comic book


Snow Miser Halloween Mask

I'm Mister Icicle I'm Mister Ten below


Heat Miser Halloween Mask

Whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch


Undead Outlaw Mask Shadows of Brimstone

Comes with attached cigar and hat


Haunt of Fear Graham Ingles Zombie Halloween Mask

From the comic anthology series Haunt of Fear


Frosty the Snowman Halloween Mask

The Official Frosty the Snowman Mask