Unique Costumes, Masks, and Halloween Accessories


Blasted Halloween Mask

Blasted is the fourth of four masks from our Distortions Unlimited Collection


Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Deluxe Limited Edition Hat

The Official Jeepers Creepers The Creeper Deluxe Limited Edition Hat


Jakobe Mice and Mystics Halloween Mask

A cheese-loving gecko!


Great Wolf Halloween Mask

Over-sized professional Werewolf Halloween Mask


Void Sorcerer Shadows of Brimstone Halloween Mask

One of the great Horrors of the Dark Stone Mines of Brimstone


Diablo Halloween Mask

Red Devil Halloween Mask


Glowing Amber Prop

Based on the ever popular Garbage Pail Kids


Super Chicken Halloween Mask

New for 2016!


Heat Miser Halloween Mask

Whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch


Rob Zombies 31 Schizo Head Halloween Mask

From Rob Zombie's newest horror film 31


Undead Outlaw Mask Shadows of Brimstone

Comes with attached cigar and hat


Garbage Pail Kids Ali Gator Halloween Mask

Ali Gator is the first of five products dedicated the Garbage Pail Kids product line


Nights King Halloween Mask Game of Thrones

The thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.


Rob Zombies 31 Psycho Head Halloween Mask

From Rob Zombies 31


Gaylien Halloween Mask

A gay alien Halloween Mask with Lens eyes and antennae


Son of the Harpy Halloween MaskGame of Thrones

Get ready to hunt down the Mother of Dragons


White Walker Halloween Mask Game of Thrones

An otherworldly, humanoid creature.


Good Guys Chucky Costume

Complete with shirt and overalls


Haunt of Fear Graham Ingles Zombie Halloween Mask

From the comic anthology series Haunt of Fear